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Sickening Death-Sauce or Tastiest Treat? Plus, a giveaway!

This weekend I was talking with some foxy girlfriends of mine about that old black-or-white, love-it-or-hate-it standby:


paleo mayonnaise, so easy a preschooler can make it

paleo mayonnaise, so easy a preschooler can make it

I used to think it was disgusting. Back then I was a militant vegan and pretty well-brainwashed into thinking that anything with any fat at all was gross. (Back then I was also usually hungry, angry, frazzled, depressed, tired, bloated, and 20 pounds heavier. But you know better, you do better, right?) So how could mayonnaise be anything else by sickening death-sauce with a side of heart attack?

And then I saw the light. Along with learning that traditional fats are some of the healthiest and most nourishing foods for brain, skin, and body came my first taste of real, home-made mayonnaise. ¬†And once you make your own from scratch, I promise you will never buy a jar of that yucky canola-oiled commercial stuff ever again. Plus it’s so ridiculously easy! Continue reading