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Five Ways to Have a Healthy, Pain-free Pregnancy…at 40.


What I thought childbirth would be like

I had my son in 2008. I was lucky and conceived him with no problem at 34 years old. I’ll never forget: my acupuncturist asked me to chat with him outside the waiting room when we had finished wrapping up my session. As he walked me out to the parking lot, he had a twinkle in his eye and said, “I love telling my patients this: Go home. Today’s the day!” Continue reading

The Upper Body Unwind

Driving, typing, reading, texting and plenty other daily activities can tense the upper body. When the arms are constantly pulled forward the shoulders roll in, the muscles of the chest tighten and the body starts to get pretty unhappy. Stiff neck, crunchy shoulders, achy arms, wrists and hands are all products of this forward hunch. Fortunately you don’t need to give up texting or driving to avoid this chain of tension, instead take a little time to unwind it. Try this short seated yoga practice to contrast the many activities that keep your upper half bound up with tension. Continue reading