Last week I was quoted with a number of other really smart,   insightful coaches over at Thriving Family Academy. We were sharing strategies for staying sane as mothers, specifically about how to quit snapping and criticizing our kids. Some of the advice was really terrific and timely. You can read the article here. How do you stay sane amid the chaos of life, and kids if you have them? ~Kirsten Kirsten Quint Fairbanks is health coach and holistic living expert who loves offering real-world wellness coaching for people who want to beat the blues and build self-esteem using nutrition and holistic lifestyle methods. Her popular onlineRead More →

We started the month out with a fun Advent calendar filled with simple activities we would be doing anyway, like putting out birdseed and baking cookies. Some of those cookies, plus a Racer 5 for Santa. We got a tour of the fire engine after we dropped off some Toys for Tots at the fire station. We made organic elderberry syrup for gifts this year. There was lots of play with baby cousins. Amazing Buche de Noel from Feel Good Bakery. There was a matching jammy jig after Santa came. Some lovely shaving stuff for the mister. And my happiest  New Year wishes to you!Read More →

People, I am so sick and tired of EVERYTHING made for girls being pink. Pink is great. It’s a pretty color. It happens to be my 6 year old son’s favorite color. But, having a one year old daughter,  I am frankly tired of looking at it. This weekend I was mixing up some Golden Drops and decided to take matters into my own stained yellow hands.  I searched Google for instructions on how to do it right. This one looked good, so away we went! I started with a pile of clothes that looked like this: The instructions I followed suggested I wet my clothesRead More →

I hope your holiday season is bustling along peacefully! I have some awesome offers for you that make beautiful, useful, uncluttering gifts for someone special… and for yourself. Discounts are good from now through Wednesday. Enjoy! 1. Buy One Get One 30 Day Real Food Jumpstart Workshop, starting January 9th. Are you in need of a major health overhaul? Want to start fresh with a ton of support, ideas, information, and accountability? Includes day planner, shopping lists, 4 different weekly guide books, 10 useful and handy pdf handouts, full suite of recipes with complete omnivore and vegetarian customization, a private Facebook forum, 3 group coaching calls, 2 audioRead More →