New Year Self-care Jump Start, Day 24

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Good morning, beauty! How did you sleep? Today we further explore relaxation and a saying “no more” to guilt.


Decompress, guilt-free.

When you’re someone who is interested in personal growth (which you are, or you wouldn’t have signed up for a 30-day course on self-care), there can be a temptation to pile ever more “improving” assignments on yourself. We want growth to happen now. We want positive change to happen yesterday. Little Jay Gatsbys, we are. But we can overexert ourselves, trying to add too much change too soon, only to burn out in a blaze of Chinese take-out, a bottle of wine, and a Real Housewives marathon (or whatever your “hang it” thing is. Mine would be more like Indian take-out, a half bottle of wine, a few cookies and a Mad Men marathon. Whatever floats your own personal kayak.)

My hope is that if you add in time for decompression then you won’t be tempted to look at your self-care as just another task on your to-do list, get stressed out by it, and then give it up. You’ll get to relax a little and enjoy something frivolous for its own sake and not for how it figures into your self-improvement. I also hope that if you schedule some time to devote to vegging out, that you will consciously contain it. An hour of TV of three hours of Netflix, or whatever you choose and can work into your schedule, is very different from an every day routine of TV on first thing in the morning before you even see your family, or sleeping by the phone and checking social media into the wee hours of the night.

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