New Year Self-care Jump Start, Day 21

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Good morning, beauty! Today’s idea may cause a little anxiety in some of you but it doesn’t have to.


Eat something amazing.

Look, I know it may be hard to just eat something delicious without having a whole mental monologue about it. I get it. We live in this bizarre market culture that simultaneously broadcasts Food Network lifestyle porn 24/7 and then insinuates by describing things like baked goods as ”sinful,” “decadent,” and “naughty”  that we’re weak or evil if we enjoy our food. Go to any Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig location and you are 90% likely to find a bakery next door. It’s a guilt-and-shame business model that is transparent but still, sadly, so effective. This kind of unhealthy relationship to food can do a real number on our psychology. We end up feeling ashamed of one of the most beautiful aspects of being human. We focus on calories and whether we are being “good” or “bad” with our choices, rather than letting our food really nourish and delight us. Not only that, but when we focus on appearance we make ourselves objects for others’ viewing pleasure or displeasure, and stop being the subject of our own story. And not only that, but what madness is it to obsess about calories or “clean” eating when there are people starving all over the world, and plenty going to bed hungry in your very own town tonight and every night?

I call jive on the whole business. Today I want to encourage you to eat something amazing and delicious. I want you to take the time to really experience and enjoy it. For you, amazing and delicious may mean taking thoughtful nibbles of a gorgeous chocolate macaron, slowly and mindfully enjoying a perfect small grass-fed steak, or making and sharing your grandma’s mashed potatoes with butter and lumps. I’m dreaming of a Mexican Coca-cola and a beautiful, bright fruit salad that I haven’t made in a long while (halved grapes, shredded basil leaves, and pineapples and apples cubed small).

Whatever you have, enjoy it completely. No self-judgment, no hiding, no car-eating, no shame. No guilt, unless you stole it from a baby or shoplifted it from the health food store. (I’m not saying you would. I’m saying situations like these are really the only times that call for feeling guilty about eating a foodstuff.) Enjoy it out in the open without hiding behind your phone. When you finish, you may make a mental note about how it made you feel. The judginess and shame around food are wasted energy but awareness about how foods make us feel can be very good information.

What will you love eating today? Why not tell us in the comments?


Kirsten Quint Fairbanks is health coach and holistic living expert who loves offering real-world holistic coaching for mamas who want to consciously cultivate big lives that get them totally fired up.  Kirsten lives happily, works gratefully, dances inexpertly, paints badly, cooks traditionally, and rocks a tiny homeschool in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She believes that connection can change your life.   Read more about her here.

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