You and I are probably a lot alike. You crave connection, meaning, joy, and creative expression. You’re a devoted mom and love your kids but you get stir-crazy, resentful, and maybe a little teary when you don’t take time to make yourself a priority.

Maybe you yell. Maybe you cry. Maybe you shop, or drink, or eat to mitigate the stress.

You’re not alone, mama.






Nobody’s perfect and I’m no exception. But I have learned strategies and tools for making my happiness a top priority. My job with my clients is to remove the Instagram filters and shine a light on what this motherhood thing is really about. For you. For me. For every mother.

I’m a homeschooling, work-at-home, activist, mom and wife in the San Francisco Bay Area. I teach frazzled moms self-care strategies to help them find peace, joy, meaning, and time in their lives. My passion is moms and children. Specifically, I love helping moms feel supported to create lives they love because you mamas are my people and I understand you. But I meet as many women who are not yet moms who feel moved to work with me because, man-o-man this womanhood stuff is no joke.

I’m Health Coach with a license in esthetics and certifications in massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and holistic life coaching. I’m a product formulator of organic, botanical studio backbar and retail skincare products. I’m also a natural birth junkie, having trained as a labor- and postpartum doula, a birth art facilitator, and completing my childbirth educator certification slowly between all of the other fun things. All of these loves inform my work.

My style is friendly, open, warm, and easy-going. I’m an empath and a confidante; an active listener and collaborator, offering you an engaged, nonjudgmental presence and the space for you to transform mamahood stress, isolation, and restlessness into a life of purpose that you absolutely love.

It’s OK to feel lost and overwhelmed, like your best friend and your sweetheart aren’t able to give you all the support you need. It’s OK to need more and want more support in this season of your life. What isn’t OK is leaving the things you want and need for last. What isn’t OK is you playing a supporting role in your life, where you have to show up and be the star because A. you deserve it and B. your kids are watching and learning how to show up for life by watching you.

Seeing you and loving you where you are, and upholding a vision of you as the bright flame and exceptionally good mother you are becoming are the gifts I bring to the table. Finding what works for you and making it fun is our journey together. You deserve to love yourself and to be in love with your life.

Lets start now!