Golden Drops, or: Why My Kids’ Tongues are Always Yellow

turmericOh, people. The wonders of turmeric! You’re always reading about it, aren’t you? That it’s the miracle spice? Time Magazine says so. The New York Times does too. La Winfrey endorses it, and so does Dr. Oz (but take his advice with a grain of salt because his endorsements are often suspect).   The little golden superfood is purported  to improve everything from pain to cancer to Alzheimer’s (and the outlook is good, if unproven, unless you trust 2500 years of  use and documentation from Ayurvedic medicine).

What we know for sure is that turmeric is excellent for taking down inflammation. (Chronic inflammation in the body sets the stage for everything from wrinkles to heart disease to Type 2 diabetes to Alzheimer’s and even cancer.) We also know that turmeric is a great source of antioxidants. But while the Western medical model tends to isolate the active compounds from foods and other herbs that people have healthfully been eating as medicine for thousands of years, the uncomfortable reality is that Curcumin, the extracted active pill form of turmeric, can cause a lot of people a very painful stomach.

So it’s best to take your turmeric in culinary doses, as in the delicious yellow curries of India. Or do as we do in our house and make little Golden Drops for daily health and yums.  I stumbled on this recipe experimenting with a facial treatment for acne. The turmeric is very astringent and the raw honey is anti-bacterial so the two together are an awesome one-two punch against skin blemishes of any kind. As I was mixing the mask one day I thought about something I read during herbal study, about how people have been making pills of balled honey since there have been people and bees. So I balled up some of this good stuff and left it lying out on the table. My kids went for it. Now we leave it on the table in our sugar bowl for when anyone wants a treat or feels a sniffle coming on.

What You Need: 1 cup raw honey, ¾ a cup or so organic ground turmeric, 1 tablespoon organic  ground ginger, a small bowl, a plate or cutting board, a large spoon or spatula, and a jar.

How to Make It:

  1. Add your ground ginger to your ground turmeric.
  2. On your plate or cutting board, cut your honey into manageable chunks.
  3. Add spice mixture to your first chunk of honey and mix enough in to make honey into a texture you can roll into balls.
  4. Continue in this way with each chunk of honey.
  5. Roll into balls and store in a covered jar in the fridge or out.
  6. Not for babies under 1 year old. Don’t feed honey to babies under 1.
  7. Everyone else, take 1-3 a day.


Enjoy, friends!


Kirsten Quint Fairbanks is health coach and holistic living expert who loves offering real-world wellness coaching for people who want to beat the blues and build self-esteem using nutrition and holistic lifestyle methods. Her popular online seasonalCraving-control Real Food Detox is for anyone who wants their body to feel and look its best. She also offers holistic skincare and coaching  for anyone who is tired of the beauty hype and is ready to have vibrant health and glowing skin from the inside out.  Kirsten lives happily, works gratefully, home-schools secularly, dances inexpertly, paints badly, cooks traditionally, and nurses on demand in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more about her here.

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