Cyber Monday Deals!

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I hope your holiday season is bustling along peacefully! I have some awesome offers for you that make beautiful, useful, uncluttering gifts for someone special… and for yourself. Discounts are good from now through Wednesday. Enjoy!

1. Buy One Get One 30 Day Real Food Jumpstart Workshop, starting January 9th. Are you in need of a major health overhaul? Want to start fresh with a ton of support, ideas, information, and accountability? Includes day planner, shopping lists, 4 different weekly guide books, 10 useful and handy pdf handouts, full suite of recipes with complete omnivore and vegetarian customization, a private Facebook forum, 3 group coaching calls, 2 audio downloads, a surprise free gift, AND a complimentary coaching session with yours truly. Total value over $1500. Kick cravings, shed weight, lose menopause symptoms, beat the blues, get regular, get happy, get the glow. Regular price $350.

My sugar cravings are gone! Someone at work this week waved a big fat piece of Boston cream pie in my face and I felt NOTHING! LOL! I had absolutely no desire to eat it. I don’t get migraines anymore. No more hot flashes. & my skin has never looked better! I swear some of the crows feet and wrinkles on my face have gone away–is that possible?” LB, San Francisco

Buy one for a friend (or your sweetie or your mom) and you can join free when you enroll by this Wednesday, December 3rd






2. 15% off the hugely popular 15 Day Craving Control Real Food Detox for January 9th, 2015. Already take good care of yourself but you want to feel even better? This quarterly online workshop helps you rediscover which foods really fuel you and which foods are just weighing you down. How great will you feel after two+ weeks of nourishing yourself with delicious real food?  Includes all recipes, shopping list, guide book, success tips, a private Facebook group, 2 audio downloads, 2 group coaching calls, and a ton of support. Regular price is $99 for new detoxers and $69 for alumni. Take 15% off when you enroll by this Wednesday, December 3rd.

“I feel amazing, like a super hero. Who needs three cups of coffee when I have super powers?” LR, Brooklyn






And finally, our popular mamas support group is moving online starting in January. This intimate 8 week session is the perfect gift for the stressed out, blissed out, blessed out mama in your life. We meet once a week (choose from three convenient times while the baby is asleep or the kids are at soccer practice) and share wisdom, ask questions and get support. New moms, seasoned moms, married, single, divorced, adoptive moms, moms to be are all welcome. Rate is $25 each 90 minute session, paid by the month. Save $50 (get two sessions FREE) when you enroll and prepay by this Wednesday, December 3rd.




As always, thank you so much for being a part of my practice. Here’s to getting a jump on your New Year’s resolutions now, with a commitment to self-care!



Kirsten Quint Fairbanks is health coach and holistic living expert who loves offering real-world wellness coaching for people who want to beat the blues and build self-esteem using nutrition and holistic lifestyle methods. Her popular online seasonalCraving-control Real Food Detox is for anyone who wants their body to feel and look its best. She also offers holistic skincare and coaching  for anyone who is tired of the beauty hype and is ready to have vibrant health and glowing skin from the inside out.  Kirsten lives happily, works gratefully, home-schools secularly, dances inexpertly, paints badly, cooks traditionally, and nurses on demand in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more about her here.

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