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Are you doing yoga right?

Down Dog

Down Dog

Is your breath soft, slow and even? Have you become stretchy and strong? Does sitting for meditation transport you to planet zen? How many OM symbols are you wearing on any given day? Trick question! Forget poses, alignment, clear mind and ocean-like waves of breath. Just for a moment forget it and consider this, “If your yoga practice doesn’t make you more kind, you are doing it wrong”.

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5 Ways to Eat Anything with Ayurvedic Ease

Navid D's Burgerman

Navid D’s Burgerman

A teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda, Dr. Marc Halpern  once told me and a class full of students, “I would rather see a patient eat a Big Mac properly than a bowl of kitchari (Ayurveda’s king of healthy food) improperly”. Hang on, don’t rush out to your local McD’s just yet. Fresh, healthy, well prepared food like kitchari is the foundation of good health. Rather, his point was the importance of mindful eating. What we eat is incredibly important, but equally important is how we eat it. Whether you are eating a bowl of kitchari or indulging in a burger, here are five ways to eat with Ayurvedic ease.

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The Upper Body Unwind

Driving, typing, reading, texting and plenty other daily activities can tense the upper body. When the arms are constantly pulled forward the shoulders roll in, the muscles of the chest tighten and the body starts to get pretty unhappy. Stiff neck, crunchy shoulders, achy arms, wrists and hands are all products of this forward hunch. Fortunately you don’t need to give up texting or driving to avoid this chain of tension, instead take a little time to unwind it. Try this short seated yoga practice to contrast the many activities that keep your upper half bound up with tension. Continue reading

Three Pose Yoga

Happy 4th of July! Aren’t holidays the best? Designated time to rest, play, travel, gather, feast, lounge or do whatever your patriotic heart desires. It really is the best. Yet sometimes holidays and especially holiday travel leave little room for self-care. Chosen routines like yoga, exercise or simple alone time are nourishing ways to remain healthy and happy.

Here is quick mat-free yoga practice to keep you strong, limber and grounded any day of the year, any place on the planet. With all yoga poses remember to be focused on how it feels, not how it looks. Take care of yourself and enjoy! Continue reading

Mindfulness, Meditation… maybe I’ll do it tomorrow: A brief why, what and how these elusive M words actually fit into real life.

Standing meditation WakikiRecently my friend Doron expressed a common dilemma: “Everyone says how great meditation is and why I should do it, but nobody says what it is or how to do it.” I’m sure you’ve heard, meditation and mindfulness practices provide a range of benefits for body and mind. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety , as well many stress related conditions. It has been shown to help manage chronic pain, improve focus, productivity, and even test scores. Like Doron, you have probably heard  the “why”, so lets get to the “what” and discuss “how” this can actually fit into your life. Continue reading