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Post-sun 911


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It’s been a beautiful summer here in the Bay Area so far. Yesterday’s holiday was a hot one, and today on my errands I saw so many people who are rocking the lobster look from too much sun exposure at their parades and barbecues. I’m a huge fan of preventing sunburn with good nutrition and good protection, but if you happen to be one of those who had a few to many (solar rays) yesterday, read on for how to work some summertime damage control.

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Three Pose Yoga

Happy 4th of July! Aren’t holidays the best? Designated time to rest, play, travel, gather, feast, lounge or do whatever your patriotic heart desires. It really is the best. Yet sometimes holidays and especially holiday travel leave little room for self-care. Chosen routines like yoga, exercise or simple alone time are nourishing ways to remain healthy and happy.

Here is quick mat-free yoga practice to keep you strong, limber and grounded any day of the year, any place on the planet. With all yoga poses remember to be focused on how it feels, not how it looks. Take care of yourself and enjoy! Continue reading

Smoothie Bar: Easy Peasy Mango Sorbet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn honor of Independence Day I wanted to write to you about lofty things like Liberty, Freedom, and Breaking the Chains of…sugar addiction. Sugar madness is no joke, but it will have to be addressed next week. Today it’s over 100 degrees out and my 6-months-pregnant self wants to share something a little simpler for your long holiday weekend…


For our first dispatch from the Smoothie Bar, allow me to offer this delicious frozen treat that tastes decadent but has nothing but good fat and great antioxidants… Continue reading

Bite-sized Wellness for Busy People

iStock_000020206934_ExtraSmallLife is so crazy busy for most people. And while a lot of that busy-ness is probably self-inflicted, there is no denying that work, play, school, kids, partners, hobbies and friends can take a lot out of our precious self-care time. I believe that self-care is not only important, it should also be a fun and pleasurable end in and of itself. That’s why I’m moved to start writing here. Continue reading