Are you doing yoga right?

Down Dog

Down Dog

Is your breath soft, slow and even? Have you become stretchy and strong? Does sitting for meditation transport you to planet zen? How many OM symbols are you wearing on any given day? Trick question! Forget poses, alignment, clear mind and ocean-like waves of breath. Just for a moment forget it and consider this, “If your yoga practice doesn’t make you more kind, you are doing it wrong”.

Over the weekend I went to a super packed, sweaty and challenging yoga class. I was in the mood to move, sweat and practically dance on my yoga mat. I got all of that, and it was a blast. Then, at the close of class the teacher stated, “If your yoga practice doesn’t make you more kind, you are doing it wrong”. The yoga community is full of pseudo hippies like me, that don’t usually use words like right and wrong, but this statement couldn’t be more true. That morning yoga class delivered the physicality I desired, yet the reminder to cultivate kindness was hands-down the most valuable thing to take home. How yoga looks and feels varies from day-to-day, but kindness should always be part of the foundation.

Be kind and have sweet week,


Karly Railsback is a certified massage therapist, registered yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda who lives, works and plays in San Francisco. She offers massage therapy and teaches yoga and meditation in public, private and corporate settings. Book sessions or learn more here.

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